Nueces Bay North & South HDD

Project Location Date
Nueces Bay North & South HDD Nueces Co., Corpus Christe, Tx. 11/28/2011


The Nueces Bay HDD crossing is part of the 48-mile Gardendale Pipeline in Texas running through Live Oak, San Patricio and Nueces counties, between Swinney Switch and Corpus Christi. The product pipe itself was a 16-in. diameter steel pipe with a wall thickness of 0.406 in. and yield strength of 52,000 psi. Laney designed two HDDs: One was drilled from land on the north side while the other HDD was drilled from the Port of Corpus Christi on the south side of the bay. The two HDDs met in the middle of Nueces Bay at a large glory hole or dredged area. In addition to the crossing of Nueces Bay, the project included a land-to-land HDD with a distance of 1,876 ft completed by Laney. Rig-up for this crossing was October 10, 2011, kicking off the project. The land-to-land HDD was completed October 17 and the crew moved on to begin the south HDD. Project construction challenges of long HDD lengths, working in water and on barges, and the monitoring and scrutiny brought on by environmentally sensitive areas can be addressed with solid investigations and HDD design up front. Laney planned for the challenges and was able to deliver a successful HDD crossing of Nueces Bay to Arrowhead as a result.