Sabine Neches Waterway

Project Location Date
Sabine Neches Waterway Port Arthur, Tx. 04/23/2015

Laney Directional Drilling successfully helped the City of Port Arthur complete 3,505 feet of 48” pipe installation under the Sabine Neches Waterway – A US Direct Pipe® Record. This record setting project will bring water from Port Arthur, Texas to Cheniere Energy’s LNG facility in Louisiana. The pipe runs under a flood control levee, railroad tracks, and the Sabine-Neches waterway.

Laney not only installed the record-setting Direct Pipe® project but also designed the entry pit and the thruster foundation. Our engineering team was fully involved in the pre-construction planning, design improvement, submittals to US Army Corps of Engineers for approval of final design, and monitoring during construction. It took 22 days for the Herrenknecht 750 metric ton Pipe Thruster to punch through right on the planned target.