Natural Gas & NGLs

Abundant unconventional gas resources in the United States drives opportunities for Gas and LNG, both domestically and for export.  Regulatory expectations of coal consumption reduction has given way to the increased demand of natural gas, and subsequently the infrastructure for transport.  The increasing growth in global markets for natural gas and liquefied natural gas, and the rate which it occurred, presented unprecedented challenges, risks, and opportunities for infrastructure developers.  

It is critical for early project planning and preparation for future projects to ensure safe and timely construction required for transmission.  These projects occur throughout the United States sometimes in difficult geographies with challenging subsurface conditions. Our engineering capability integrated with our HDD, or Direct Pipe construction helps reduce project risk, scope creep, and the safety of personnel.

Industry Solutions
As a global leader in trenchless services, Laney understands there are a variety of important requirements based on your industry and the customers you serve. In order to live up to the industry’s high safety standards, variable design considerations, and customer needs-based construction projects, Laney is organized to take on all trenchless projects large or small. We are uniquely structured to assist you with your projects from conception engineering design to crossing construction. That is why we start each and every project by actually listening to our customers’ needs, so we can provide solutions that are specifically designed for their requirements. Laney has always been at the forefront of trenchless research and development and played an important role in the evolution trenchless technology and its safe application. Our service range has an option suited for every type of industry crossing.