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Specializing in trenchless technology, Laney Directional Drilling Co. (“Laney”) is a leading global Horizontal Directional Drilling (“HDD”) company. Laney is the only U.S. HDD company providing integrated engineering, design and HDD construction services. In August 2014, the Company celebrated 25 years in business. During those years, the Company performed work in twelve countries on five continents, but has focused primarily in the U.S. during the past five years. Laney specializes in servicing pipeline operating companies and pipeline contractors with long, complex, challenging, or small scale HDD requirements. No project is too big or too small. Located in Spring, Texas, Laney directionally drills for the purpose of installing infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications conduits, water lines, sewer lines and environmental remediation casings.

The Laney name got its start in construction 65 years ago when J.M. “Doc” Laney helped start Texas Road Boring in 1947. Doc Laney’s three sons, Marcus, Dickey and Steve, joined him in the business, working with them until his death in 1978. Within the year, the Laney brothers were ready to strike out on their own and in 1979 formed Laney Inc., a boring contractor based in Humble, Texas, located in the northeast of Houston. Laney Inc. focused on boring operations up to 48 inches in diameter using auger boring and slick boring for pipeline companies in the petrochemical market of the Gulf Coast region.

By 1989, a relatively new technology emerged called horizontal directional drilling, subsequently a partnership was formed to capitalize on this new market opportunity. Veteran driller Robert Hamil approached the Laneys about joining forces to create a directional drilling contracting company, Laney Directional Drilling. The new company started out small, with fewer than 10 employees and just a couple of compact size rigs; operations were run from an office trailer in Laney Inc.’s backyard. The rise of Laney Directional Drilling coincided with that of the growing HDD industry. Since the technology and HDD market was new, Laney started with small diameter, shorter crossings, unlike the extensive lengths and large diameters it conducts today.

Today, Laney Directional Drilling is one of the leading large HDD contractors in North America, focusing on large and small diameter crossings in the oil, gas, water, and power transmission markets. To date with its custom made large rigs Laney has installed more than 2607 HDDs and 921 miles of HDD crossings. Laney’s fleet also includes Vermeer D100x120 rigs. Laney, known for its innovation and being a trenchless technology pioneer, is also one of a few North American companies experienced with Direct Pipe trenchless technology.  Laney’s evolution over the years included the creation of a HDD engineering and design team, as well as a world class sales and marketing  group dedicated to supporting the customer.

The Gulf Coast remains a strength for the business; however, as demand has shifted so did their geographic expansion to areas with challenging subsurface conditions such as the Northeast US/Marcellus area.  Laney operates nationally and at times worked beyond the North American borders, depending on clients’ needs.

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