Laney has a full service fabrication yard located in Houston, TX that stores and services all our equipment. Laney currently operates and maintains the following Trenchless Equipment:

3 Complete HDD Rig spreads offering 100,000 lbs. pullback

12 Complete HDD Rig spreads offering over 150,000 lbs. pullback with maximum pullback of 1,700,000 lbs. and maximum torque in excess of 97,500 ft. / lbs.

2 Complete Direct Pipe® Spreads including AVN1000XC Microtunnel Boring Machines and HK750PT Pipe Thrusters with a maximum push/pull capacity of 1,650,000 lbs.

Our equipment partners play a critical role in the maintenance and reliability of our equipment, which plays a pivotal role in constructing safer, timelier and more productive trenchless pipeline installations. We thank you for helping us to push the limits of the trenchless construction industry and continuously strive for excellence in equipment innovation through research and development!

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