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Oil production and transportation projects take place in almost every part of the world, sometimes in extreme locations, and they require comprehensive planning and safe execution. Poor planning may cause injuries and also result in negative environmental and financial impacts.

We offer a complete range of comprehensive services for the oil industry. Our expertise and industry experience enable us to provide a full scope of solutions for small, as well as large crossings, and to provide our customers with tailor-made services to operate safely, profitability, and environmentally conscious. Our resources and highly qualified personnel allow us to keenly focus on customer and project needs, as well as on consistent high-quality services.

Abundant unconventional gas resources in the United States drives opportunities for Gas and LNG, both domestically and for export. Regulatory expectations of coal consumption reduction has given way to the increased demand of natural gas, and subsequently the infrastructure for transport. The increasing growth in global markets for natural gas and liquefied natural gas, and the rate which it occurred, presented unprecedented challenges, risks, and opportunities for infrastructure developers.

It is critical for early project planning and preparation for future projects to ensure safe and timely construction required for transmission. These projects occur throughout the United States sometimes in difficult geographies with challenging subsurface conditions. Our engineering capability integrated with our HDD, or Direct Pipe construction helps reduce project risk, scope creep, and the safety of personnel.

As trusted stewards of public health, the water sector employs innovative technologies and management strategies to mitigate the risks associated with drinking water supplies and ensure that drinking water is of the highest quality. However, in today’s U.S. infrastructure market there is arguably no segment facing a more critical shortage between demand and capacity than the U.S. water market. The country’s water and wastewater infrastructure suffers from an aging water infrastructure with increasing capital needs to replace and upgrade systems including water intake, diversion, transportation, storage, treatment, and delivery.

Any disruption of power generation, or its distribution, is costly and puts a great strain on the power companies and their customers. It is therefore vital to keep power plants running, and distribution reliable in order to meet demand in all situations. That’s why Laney is partnering with power generation and distribution companies nationwide.

Power generation and distribution is important and challenging especially in built-up or congested areas, which is why special solutions are sometimes required to mitigate grid network expansion project delays. Laney provides integrated HDD Design and construction solutions for complete plant-wide safety and control – for conventional as well as renewable energy generation and distribution.

Many of the most powerful inventions in history are the direct result of military innovations. Sophisticated technologies such as GPS tracking, nuclear technologies and radar were invented to improve logistical operations in military applications. On the alternative, every day technologies such as microwave technology, the internal combustion engine, the internet, and duct tape are used by millions of people across the globe. Applying trenchless technologies to military research and development efforts are a likely partnership as we continue to advance logistics and technology.

HDD is an ideal trenchless delivery method for fiber and telecom installation in both remote and urban areas. In recent years, the ramping up of fiber-optic and telecommunications line installation has had long-term impact on the HDD market as the demand for more bandwidth and wireless communications increases.

As alternative energy sources increase in popularity, offshore wind farming is an effective way to harvest wind energy to generate electricity. Once harvested, a large-scale system of cables is used to transport this energy through the system from its off-shore origin to its onshore users. The Direct Pipe shore approach method is an effective, enviromentally responsible and efficient way to install these cables from the sea bottom to its onshore termination point.

As populations grow in coastal areas and the need for safe drinking water increases in urban populations, desalination is a likely solution. The Direct Pipe marine outfall method is installation is an effective, enviromentally responsible and efficient way to install desalinization wells along the shoreline.

Laney has extensive experience in installing trenchless crossings into secured facilities including industrial plants and tank farms as well as airports and military bases. We understand the logistical challenges as well as security restrictions involved with these types of applications and are well suited to complete crossings into these types of high profile facilities.

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