Our Values

Our Mission
We intend to inspire industry innovation and to provide our customers with the best experience, implementing the safest and most efficient trenchless solutions.

Our Vision
Continue our leadership in trenchless solutions by focusing on Growth, Innovation, Accountability, and Customer Satisfaction.

  • Do an outstanding job for our customers every day; excellence in our sales, marketing, engineering, and operations organizations; geographical expansion; and be on the forefront of technology within our industry.
  • Value the relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Participate only in markets and projects where we can make a valuable contribution.
  • Strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.

Laney places the highest importance on the integrity of the company and each of its employees, and representatives. All employees and all representatives are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in each country in which we do business and for knowing and complying with our company policies and procedures. The business is responsible for ensuring that policies and practices are consistent with our expectations outlined in our company policies and procedures.

Our People and Values
Laney’s most important resource is its employees. Our people and their skills, motivation, and commitment to excellence are the source of our character and critical to our success.

We recognize the dignity of each individual, respect each employee and promote development through training that broadens work related skills.

As representatives of Laney to the outside world, and regardless of the pressures while conducting business, we act responsibly and in a manner that will reflect favorably on us and our Brand. We carry out our assignments directed by the values set forth in our policies and procedures and avoid all conflicts of interest.

We value diversity and different perspectives and ideas. Laney is committed to an inclusive work environment and culture and we believe diversity drives innovation and improvement. In addition, we believe all people should be respected for their individual abilities and contributions. Our intent is to provide challenging, meaningful opportunities for professional and personal growth to all employees without regard to gender, race, national origin, physical or mental disability, age or religion.

Workers Thin Picture