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A well thought out plan and design is arguably the most critical part of a successful trenchless pipeline project. Laney’s in-house engineering staff will help you design safer, economic and more responsible trenchless crossings.


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless method of installing pipelines and conduits in the areas where traditional open cut excavations are not feasible and/or not desired for environmental and/or constructability reasons.

Direct Pipe

The Direct Pipe Method® greatly reduces the likelihood of hydraulic fracture and inadvertent returns and is ideal for crossing under levees and environmentally sensitive areas as well as for outfall or shore approach applications.

Horizontal Pipe from above

Laney specializes in assisting owners, contractors, municipalities and engineers with long, complex, and challenging trenchless crossings both domestically and internationally.

To date, Laney has installed more than:

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2800 Trenchless Crossings

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1,000 Miles of Trenchless Pipeline Installations