A well thought out plan and design may be the most critical part of a successful pipeline project. Laney’s in-house engineering staff will help you design a safer, more economic trenchless crossing. Thorough constructible trenchless designs can greatly reduce construction costs during installation, this includes a proper geotechnical investigation providing the necessary data for a more effective result. Hydraulic fracture inadvertent return (HFIR) analysis will also aid in the design and help mitigate the potential for inadvertent returns during construction. Additionally, the advance planning of temporary workspace, water supply, and drilling fluid management will also make a sizable impact on the success of your project. Good designs don’t cost money, they save money!

  • Licensed engineering firm in 25 states
  • Design-build capabilities
  • PEs licensed in over 30 states
  • Over 100 Trenchless Projects
  • Over 300 Crossing Designs Completed Since 2011

Engineering Services:

  • HDD, Direct Pipe® and other Trenchless Feasibility and Constructability Reviews
  • Trenchless Route Assessment and Planning
  • Geotechnical Exploration Management
  • Detailed HDD Design
  • IFB, IFC, Permit Support Drawings
  • Analysis of installation and operations loads and stresses on product pipe
  • Hydraulic Fracture and Inadvertent Returns Analysis
  • Direct Pipe® Design
  • USACE Permit Support
  • Independent Peer Constructability Reviews
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