Our History

The Laney name got its start in construction in 1947 when J.M. “Doc” Laney established the Texas Road Boring Company. Doc Laney’s three sons, Marcus, Dickey and Steve, joined him in the business, working with them until his death in 1978. Within the year, the Laney brothers were ready to strike out on their own and in 1979 formed Laney Inc. Laney Inc. expanded its business services and became a premier trenchless boring contractor based in Humble, Texas. Laney Inc. increased its focus on large pipeline installations up to 48 inches in diameter. This primarily utilized auger boring and slick boring for pipeline companies in the petrochemical market of the Gulf Coast region.

By 1989, a relatively new technology emerged called horizontal directional drilling (HDD), subsequently a partnership was formed to capitalize on this new market opportunity. Veteran driller Robert Hamil approached the Laneys about joining forces to create a directional drilling contracting company, Laney Directional Drilling. The new company started out small, with fewer than 10 employees and just a couple of compact size rigs; operations were run from an office trailer in Laney Inc.’s backyard. The rise of Laney Directional Drilling coincided with that of the growing HDD industry. Since the technology and HDD market was new, Laney started with small diameter, shorter crossings, unlike the extensive lengths and large diameters it conducts today.

Today, Laney is North America’s premier independent trenchless construction and engineering firm with over 30 years’ experience serving the oil, gas, power, telecommunications, water, sewer, wind, desalinization and mining industries. The company is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and capable horizontal directional drilling providers for large diameter pipelines as well as the leading Direct Pipe® contractor in North America having completed a world record Direct Pipe® installation in Brownsville, Texas in January 2018. Over its history, Laney has operated on five different continents and is strategically reestablishing its footprint across the globe. The company continues to expand its share of the turnkey engineering, procurement and construction market while constantly focusing on improving trenchless construction methods and technology.

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